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For further information about licensing or for information regarding amending existing licences, please contact the Fisheries Division: Phone: 01624 685857 Email: or visit

Please read the following carefully and complete ALL sections. Failure to complete all sections correctly or provide sufficient information may delay the processing of your application. All details should match the vessel’s UK fishing licence.

Please confirm the type of application *
Please confirm the type of application

New: Select new if you are applying for a Sea Fishing licence valid until 31 March 2023. A new licence is also required if there is a change in ownership of a licenced vessel.  Please note a licence is valid from the date of issue by the Department.

Amendment: An amendment is required if there is any change to nominee details, ownership details, the vessel’s registration details or the vessel’s technical details made at the licence-holder’s request.

Duplicate: A duplicate or replacement licence required for any reason other than the changes mentioned above.

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