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If you have lost or found some property, please complete this form to let us know.

What to do if you find property

You are required to take reasonable steps to discover the owner of the property and to report the find by contacting the police.

If an item has not been claimed after 14 days from the date you told us about it, you can keep it.

There are certain exceptions as to when and where the finder would not be permitted to retain a found item. A member of the public will not be permitted to retain items as follows;

•The item is prohibited or restricted item by law
•The item may be harmful or a danger to the public.
•The continued possession would be unlawful (drugs / explosives)
•The item is evidence of identity or a Government document (driving licence / passport etc).
•The item is of high value (over £1000).
•The item falls within the remit of an exhibit. (Suspected to have been used, obtained in the commission of an offence or it’s condition is suspected to have resulted under such circumstances)
•Suspected stolen item
•The item is or contains private or personal information belonging to another.

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