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If you want to collect for charity then you will need a licence to do so. In most cases these are issued by the local corporation, however if the collection is intended to be door-to-door this will require a licence from the Constabulary.

If you intend to collect door-to-door. You can apply for a Charitable Collections Licence by completing the form below.

The licence is to make sure that the people behind the collections are genuine and of good character. Various checks are carried out before a licence is issued.

Some charities are UK based and exempt such as the Poppy Appeal and the Red Cross. Other UK charities would need a licence to operate, and consideration would be given as to whether it would affect any similar local charity.

You are advised to inform the relevant local authority about any activity you wish to undertake.

It is only collections intended to be house-to-house that require a licence from the Constabulary, however all the above scenarios will require a licence.

Licences are issued under the Charitable Collections (Regulations) Act 1939.

Various checks are carried out before a licence is issued.

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