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This form is for use by Government Employees only, for the reporting of workplace accidents, incidents and near miss/safety concerns.

Submitted forms will be received by a member of the Health and Safety Advisory team from OHR.  We will send an e-mailed directly to you to you to confirm receipt if you have provided an email address. 

The Health and Safety Advisory Team will act on the information submitted and will share information with relevant departments/divisions, boards and offices to determine any follow up activities.

All information will be collected and handled in compliance with General Data Protection Requirements and Cabinet Office Privacy Notice for shared data.


Please confirm you are a Government Employee *
Please confirm you are a Government Employee

Please use the Department of Infrastructure's Reporting an Injury or Dangerous Occurrence form instead. 

Use this form to report serious workplace accidents, occupational diseases and specified dangerous occurrences.

Categories to report include:

  • Near Miss
  • Minor Injury
  • Minor Injuries to members of the public
  • Serious Injury or Occupational Disease
  • Specified Dangerous occurrence
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