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Event Safety Notification Form

Please submit your completed form as soon as possible and in any case at least one month before your event.  

The purpose of this notification form is for the Event Safety Advisory Group (ESAG) to review your event details and provide guidance. Therefore, your submission should include as much detail as possible including any helpful reference material such as drawings, maps and plans. 

Prior to submitting this form, please ensure that you have contacted the relevant authorities about your event and be sure to include their contact details within the relevant sections. 

It is necessary for you to contact the emergency services and relevant regulatory bodies if you need specific advice, support or resources for your event. 

You can contact the Event Safety Advisory Group by email, post or telephone at:

Event Safety Advisory Group
c/o Jane Kelly
Emergency Planning and Civil Defence Unit
No 1 Drill Hall Cottages
Isle of Man

Email address:
Telephone:  +44 1624 694317

What Happens Next?

Once your Event Safety Notification Form has been submitted you will receive a reference number along with an email confirming the submission and reference number.

Please note that this receipt does not constitute any form of event approval.

All submitted documents will be circulated to members of the Event Safety Group who may raise questions or offer suggestions and guidance to contribute to event safety. 

You may be invited to attend an Event Safety Advisory Group Meeting to discuss your event. Whilst it is your option to attend, the offering is usually because there are questions from local authorities who have reviewed submitted documentation. 

If you would like to attend an Event Safety Advisory Group Meeting by choice, please tick:
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