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Highway Services is the relevant authority responsible for the approval of road closures on the Isle of Man.

You can use this form to apply for a Temporary Traffic Regulation Notice  ('TTRN') for:

  • road works (pursuant to section 3 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1985)
  • filming (pursuant to section 3A of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1985)
  • an event (pursuant to section 38 of the Highways Act 1986)

Before you apply, make sure you are familiar with our road closure conditions. Full details can be found on our website.


Standard conditions

Before you apply, make sure you are familiar with our road closure conditions. Full details can be found on our website. The following provides a summary of those conditions:

 Application period

  • All application forms must be received no later than 30 working days before the commencement of the road closure or traffic restriction.
  • Applicants are advised to take account of the time we will require to assess the feasibility of the closure.

Traffic management plan

  • map based plan must be uploaded and submitted with this application to indicate the exact extent of the affected area and how traffic will be managed whilst the TTRN (Temporary Traffic Regulation Notice) is in operation (e.g. signage being used and where). This plan is subject to approval by the Department. Once approved, all signs, barriers and lamps are to be erected and maintained in accordance with this plan. In general, these must be in accordance with the Safety at Street Works and Road Works - Code of Practice (Oct. 13) and The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002.
  • No signage is provided by the DOI. Applicants must source, supply, place and maintain their own signage, no-waiting cones etc.

Public communication plan

  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to consult with and give notice to those affected as early as possible.  When this takes place may depend on the impact of the work‘, however we expect ample time to be provided to residents and businesses to allow them to plan and mitigate for the effects of your restriction.
  • A public communication plan must be submitted with this application.  It should outline who is affected and when and how information will be given.  The relevant local authority should be notified in all cases.
  • Failure to communicate the impact of your work could lead to refusal of this application or future applications.  Any approval in principle already given may also be revoked.

Further conditions

  • A notice board displaying the applicant/contractors name, address and telephone number must be displayed on site at all times during the duration of the restriction.
  • All costs incurred by the Department in the implementation of the road closure must be paid by the applicant.
  • Requests for extensions must be made at least 28 days prior to the end of the existing closure, or as early as possible, by submission of a new application form.
  • The granting of a closure does not absolve the applicant for the need to apply for a skip permit, scaffold permit or approval to open up the carriageway.  Prior to the re-opening of a highway to traffic the applicant must inform the Department’s Control Room by phone on 850000; or 672000 if outside normal working hours.  This should be at least two hours before the re-opening of the road.  It would be preferable if 24 hours’ notice is given.
  • In making this application the applicant agrees to the sharing by the DOI of all details forming part of the application by any means, or media deemed appropriate and proportionate in order to consult, or to inform the public of the details of the application.

All fields marked * are mandatory and must be completed.


Standard conditions


Application period

In order to close a road for your event, you will need to give us:

  • at least 6 months’ notice when applying for a motorsport event
  • at least 3 months’ notice when applying for an event such as a carnival, parade, fun day etc.

This will allow us time to review your proposed traffic management and safety arrangements.

What happens next? 

We will consider your application and assess the feasibility of the closure and proposed diversion route(s). 

You will need to demonstrate that you are competent to organise the event that is proposed.  

You must provide the following documents by the target submission date specified.  You can email these to



Target Submission Date

Public Communication Plan


You must demonstrate how you intend to consult or notify those who may be affected by your road closure(s).  For example, Local Authorities, Fire, Ambulance, Police, Public Transport, Churches, Ports, businesses, residents,  MHK’s etc.

Not less than 8 weeks before the event.

Event Safety Plan

(Draft is acceptable)

Please view a model template.

Traffic Management Plan


Plan of area to be closed, and to include the positioning of any signage you will be using to inform traffic of a closure.

Risk Assessment


Identifying potential hazards and precautions to be taken to ensure the safety of all.


(if applicable)

Only required if there will be alcohol, fireworks, music etc.

Not less than 4 weeks before the event.

Copy of Public Liability Insurance


We will not approve a closure without it. We accept £5m for small events and ask for £10m for larger events.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of an organiser to provide the documentation by the timelines specified.  A failure to adhere to the timelines may jeopardise your proposed road closure. 

Highway Services is not responsible for chasing an organiser for any outstanding documents and accepts no liability should a road closure not be approved.

Further conditions

  • Highway Services must discharge its duties responsibly.  Accordingly, it has the authority to refuse an application and reserves the right to withdraw its approval for a road closure at any time before or during the event. The reasons why this might occur include:
    • Applications are not received in time;
    • Failure to comply with any conditions, actions or timelines agreed;
    • Traffic management or safety concerns have not adequately been addressed;
    • A partner such as the Police will not support the application;
    • Any actions that have potential to damage the reputation of Highway Services, another Department of Isle of Man Government or the Isle of Man;
    • Any individual or body seeking the closure is a debtor to Isle of Man Government;
    • Failure to sufficiently consult and engage with those affected and communicate event plans;
    • Significant objections arise;
    • A permit is not issued by a relevant governing body;
    • Emergency works are required that affect the route or key alternative routes.


All fields marked * are mandatory and must be completed.


Data Protection

The Department of Infrastructure is a controller under current Data Protection Legislation. We will hold the
personal information provided for the purpose of answering your enquiry, customer services or other
statutory or legal obligations.

Further details can be found DOI's Data Protection page; it provides more information about the way in
which we use, share and store your personal information, and what your rights are.

You can also contact our Data Protection Officer by emailing or ringing +44 1624 686785.

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