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Please fill out this form if you have any concerns about, or have encountered cyber-related issues involving the Internet, email, telephone communications or any other matter that could potentially, or has already caused a negative impact, such as fraud, abuse/misuse of personal information or other malicious/suspicious activity.

If you are the victim of a financial crime or believe your banking details have been stolen or compromised, please contact your bank IMMEDIATELY.

If you believe you have:

  • Lost money due to an online scam / fraud
  • Had an online email, web, or financial account hacked
  • Received a phishing email, suspicious phone call or text message
  • Been subjected to online abuse or bullying
  • Any other concerns about online activities

Please complete the attached form with as much detail as possible BUT do NOT provide any personal information other than your contact details in case we need to contact you. The form can be anonymous if you wish and all information can be of benefit.

This form must only be completed by a person over the age of 16.

It is not necessary for you to leave your name but we would encourage you to leave contact details. We will only contact you if appropriate or necessary.

If you are following up on a previously reported item, please contact the team at the Office of Cyber-Security & Information Assurance (OCSIA) directly by telephone (686060) or email ( quoting the reference number provided when initially reported.

Important Notes

1. Do NOT include any personal or sensitive information in your report except for contact details. If further information is required, you may be contacted directly.

2. Under normal circumstances your report will be treated in the strictest confidence and will not be shared with any other individual or entity unless requested to do so.

3. If this matter requires urgent attention, please contact OCSIA directly by telephone (686060) before submitting your report.

What will happen when I submit a report?

Your report will be sent to the OCSIA so that they can:

  • Provide appropriate public advice, warning and guidance
  • Better understand and work to improve the current information risk landscape of the Island
  • Provide assistance where required

If requested, your report will be shared with the Isle of Man Constabulary for review and to take action where required.

You will receive an acknowledgement email and a copy of your report shortly after submission.

Finally, please view our Department of Home Affairs Privacy Notice in regards to how we hold your information.

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