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This form can be used to apply for a camping permit for the Sulby Claddaghs only.

Please take a moment to read the summary of the Sulby Claddagh Bylaws and site rules before completing your application. If you breach these rules the Department may revoke your permit.

Sulby Claddagh - summary of byelaws and site rules

(This summary is for guidance only and does not constitute an authoritive statement of law)

  • No overnight parking or camping permitted during “Winter” - 1 October to 30 April (except for Easter Weekend).
  • Camping with tent, trailer tent, caravan or camper van etc. permitted only during “Summer” – 1 May to 30 September.  Maximum stay is 14 days, after which tent etc. must be removed from the site for at least 4 days.
  • Permit required for all overnight camping (12 midnight to 6am).  Permit to be clearly displayed at all times.
  • No fires permitted.  Barbecues* etc. must be raised off the ground sufficient to protect it from damage. *Charcoal or gas/paraffin only - no other fuel permitted.
  • No vehicles on Claddagh other than for access i.e. no riding or driving around.
  • No camping on the riverside and recreation areas.
  • No loud music at any time.
  • No music or generators after 10.30pm or before 7.30am.
  • No violent, quarrelsome or disorderly behaviour.
  • No profane, obscene or threatening language.
  • No fouling, dogs must be kept under control.
  • All litter to be taken away or disposed of in the bins provided.
  • No caravans or vehicles to be displayed for sale.
  • Tents, caravans etc. must be at least 6 metres apart.
  • No campervan, caravan, trailer tent or tent to be left unoccupied overnight.

Penalty – a fine not exceeding £2,500

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